In local Anangu language, tjungu waakarinyi translates to ‘working together’. It’s a simple, but powerful sentiment and one that underpins the ongoing, treasured partnership between Ernabella Arts and Longitude 131.

Since 2013 Longitude 131° and the Ernabella arts community have been working together to facilitate the lodges artists-in-residence program, which sees a small number of the artists travel to Longitude 131° from their home in the Pukatja Homelands. The artists spend a few days on each visit setting up an open studio in the Dune House and painting with a view to Uluru.

This year, the artists have planned five visits* to the luxury lodge, the highest number to date:

April 19-22 | June 21-24 | August 16-19 | October 5-8 | November 22-25

*Dates are subject to change