In light of one of the most trying years for tourism in modern history, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge have found a silver lining.

Over summer, a core leadership team has remained on site and taken the invaluable opportunity to provide some TLC to a location that has provided sanctuary and solace for guests and staff for nearly 25 years. It’s the first summer season since 1997 that Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge has stayed closed to guests, and a nil capacity has offered a unique opportunity to get the lodge into tip top shape.

“I truly do see silver linings”, said Sarah Cruse, General Manager of CWL. “Time spent together as a team, a chance to explore the ‘quiet’ outdoors, a window to complete maintenance tasks on site, and a chance for our staff to come to a completely different approach to life”. The dedicated group consists completely of returning staff and managers, some of whom have spent the last 8 Summers in the Bedwell sound. While the Summer 2020 team may be small in numbers, they have an overwhelming supply of spirit, and intimate connection with the wilderness only few can understand.