Matt joined Baillie Lodges as Front Office Manager in 2008, two weeks before Southern Ocean Lodge opened to their first guests. He was inspired to work for them following reading an article about the upcoming launch of a lodge lauded to set new benchmarks for Australian luxury tourism.

He is so pleased he got in touch. He’s enjoyed a career that has spanned more than a decade working for a company that’s gained extraordinary international acclaim. He’s also achieved career success and satisfaction moving from Front Office Manager on Kangaroo Island to Reservation’s Manager at Baillie Lodges’ Sydney Headquarters. The combination of Matt’s front desk and reservations experience provides him with insights to both sides of the business and an ability to see things from all perspectives.

The dynamic work environment and ongoing professional training provided has enabled Matt to develop excellent communication and problem-solving skills and an ability to remain calm under pressure. He uses these skills each and every day to deliver a seamless guest experience.

‘When I arrived at Southern Ocean Lodge it was still a construction site and a crazy two weeks leading up to the opening. It was an amazing experience and the rest is history’, Matt said.