Craig is Chief Operating Officer at Baillie Lodges and he’s enjoyed a career within an industry he is passionate about for over 25 years. He’s worked in city hotels, remote resorts and even one of the first ‘flash-packer’ chains, both in on-site and head office roles. He found roles that played to his operational and project management strengths and allowed him to further develop his strategic, financial and people management skills. His current role allows him to draw upon this extensive experience.

Craig was integral to the joint venture Baillie Lodges entered into with KSL Capital Partners in 2019.
As Chief Operating Officer and with the support of the board he is driving the expansion of the luxury lodges portfolio with the recent addition to the portfolio of Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge on Vancouver Island and further international expansion on the horizon. His days are varied: adapting business strategies, overseeing renovation programs and managing the overall operations of the portfolio. He was recently appointed General Director of Tourism Tropical North Queensland’s Board of Directors and is also a Baillie Lodges Board Member. 

‘Every role I’ve held throughout my career I’ve treated as though I was operating my own business. I approach every opportunity, decision and every challenge with a vested interest to achieve outstanding results’, Craig said.