Asher completed his culinary training in Brisbane where he studied and completed his four-year apprenticeship at one of the city’s most respected fine dining venues Restaurant Two. When Asher describes the dishes he creates he likens them to a journey, moving through the many stages and flavours. You not only get the sense of his passion for creating incredible food you can almost taste it.

Asher’s professional career as a chef is an extraordinary journey as well. Taking him from up and coming city cafes to Executive Chef for supper clubs and some of Australia’s best hotels including Wolgan Valley Resort and Baillie Lodges’ very own Southern Ocean Lodge. They have all led Asher to his current role as Director of Food and Beverage at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge. Asher’s food philosophy strives to showcase the local produce whilst complementing the surrounding aesthetics.

‘There is no wrong way to do anything, it’s about finding the most consistent, effective and sustainable method and then strive to master the method that suits the individual’, Asher said.

He’s in his element with the beauty, wilderness and incredible produce of Vancouver Island and he’s taken to his new home with gusto. ‘My biggest joy is going for a hike with light tackle gear and exploring the beautiful Bedwell, fishing for trout in the freshwater rivers, foraging for wild foods and getting amongst the ancient forests’, Asher said.