Ali joined Baillie Lodges not long after it was established in 2006 as James and Hayley’s Executive Assistant. With a strong background in administration and hospitality, Ali learnt the tourism ropes on the job, mentored by two of the very best people in the business.

The experience of launching Baillie Lodges’ flagship property, Southern Ocean Lodge, was formative for Ali and crystalised her passion for luxury travel. Some 14 years on, her career journey has evolved along with the success and growth of the collection.

As Marketing Manager, she has contributed significantly to building the brand’s presence and outstanding reputation as a tourism leader. Attention to detail and standout luxury are synonymous with Baillie Lodges and as the ambassador of the brand, Ali ensures everything that is created reflect these brand attributes.

Ali’s role spans a wide range of creative and analytical tasks from designing and writing promotional and guest materials, dynamic management of the collection’s websites and multiple social media platforms, coordination of tactical campaigns, overseeing PR and media functions and liaison with a range of stakeholders across the business from guests, designers, suppliers, trade and industry colleagues.

To complete all of these responsibilities to the highest standard Ali utilises her strong administration and communication skills, excellent people and time management abilities, her strong work ethic and her keen design eye.

‘One could say that I’m part of the furniture at Baillie Lodges – if that’s the case, I’m most definitely a custom piece designed by Khai Liew’, Ali said.